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Community Aggregators

Community aggregation pools, when managed by experienced energy providers, can save participants money and time.

Ohio's electricity restructuring legislation allows for aggregation programs to be established by local governments, i.e. municipalities, counties and townships for the benefit of residents. Two types of programs exist:


  • "Opt-in" aggregation programs permit each resident to sign up individually to participate in the program.



  • "Opt-out" aggregation programs automatically enroll all local residents, including commercial and industrial customers in many cases, unless they individually opt-out of the program (choose not to be included). An opt-out aggregation program must be placed on the ballot and approved by a majority of community voters.


Business and industrial customers should be aware of any opt-out aggregation in their local community and look at it to make sure savings are possible for the business.

For a listing of local governments that have sought Public Utilities Commission of Ohio approval for governmental aggregation programs, see Communities with Governmental Aggregation.

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