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IEU-Ohio is very active in Ohio, the Midwest and Washington, D.C., taking the initiative to see that the voice of commercial and industrial energy users is heard on issues of importance to them. As issues and events occur, we will make the information available to you as part of In the News.

Taft Announces Appointments (Tom Froehle of McNees Wallace & Nurick appointed to Public Benefits Advisory Board) (Press Release Dated 7/9/04)
Taft Appoints Alan R. Schriber as Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (3/16/04)
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Staff White Paper with Recommended Standard Market Design
Energy Information Administration's Financial Statistics of Major U.S. Publicly Owned Electric Utilities 2000
Illinois Commerce Commission Report on the Status of Electricity Competition in Illinois
Energy Information Administration Profiles of Electricity Generation of Each State
NERC Reliability Assessment - 2001-2010
Greenspan on Energy - 11-13-01
The Energy Industry Administration's (EIA) Short-Term Energy Outlook (November 2001)

 Competition and Consumer Protection Perspectives on Electric Power Regulatory Reform: Focus on Retail Competition
     Appendix A
     Appendix B

A Report by the Federal Trade Commission Staff (September 2001)

 Another National Energy Policy, May 2001 Op-ed

Good energy policy, good reports and good appointments to FERC, however, do not necessarily equate to good results in the real energy world. Our more significant problems stem from our inability to implement policies in a timely fashion. Some thoughts on the National Energy Policy by IEU-Ohio General Counsel Sam Randazzo.

Comparison of Ohio and California Competitive Electric Markets
When an industry moves from a regulated environment to a competitive one, the structure and functions within that industry must be re-designed to facilitate a smooth transition. While electric industry restructuring approaches are varied, Ohio and California are two states whose legislation includes similar elements with very different designs. Read an IEU-Ohio prepared comparison of how Ohio's electricity restructuring efforts differ from California's.
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